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Take a mindful approach towards veganism by living consciously through plant based foods. It's a movement in a direction that allows you to live in alignment with your truest self. Compassionate Filled Life's 4 Week Vegan Kickstart program supports and guides you towards shifting your old mindset into a compassionate one.

This is a deep immersivenourishing and supported space for you to explore the ins and outs of being vegan and eating plant based foods. It's a solid foundation for you to step into this lifestyle with confidence and patience.

Through a compassionate lifestyle we can make this world a more just and kind place, shift collective energy, and feel better about yourself. This program takes the unknown of how to go vegan and creates a structure that sets you up for success. It will allow you to stay true to your path and that first step can be through your food choices

The time is now to take a deep breath and step into YOU with love, truth, and compassion.

Who is this program for?

who is this program for?

  • those feeling called to begin their journey with plant based foods but don't know where to start

  • those struggling to transition to a plant based foods

  • those feeling called to connect with a compassionate and conscious community

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Interactive discussion + participation through community spaces

Homework to hold you accountable and to integrate practices/techniques

Safe container with no judgement to journey through compassionate living

Personal growth + transformation

what we eat is a good place to start and from there our mindset begins to shift as we absorb knowledge that opens our hearts and minds to truth.

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what is included?

  • Four supportive weekly 2 hour LIVE virtual community gatherings every Wednesday 6:30pm EST

  • Two 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions

  • One month unlimited membership to CFL LIVE vegan cooking classes, on demand videos, and bonus vegan content

  • Exclusive access to me through CFL Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to the program's resources + recordings

As you move through this journey, remember that it's about progress and not perfection. When we step into the direction of becoming our truest selves, we must practice patience, gratitude, and humility. 

what to expect?

  • An interactive discussion + participation through community spaces

  • Homework  and challenges to hold you accountable and to integrate practices/techniques

  • An empowering experience with guidance and resources to help you live in alignment with your truest self

  • A safe and nourishing container with no judgement as you journey through conscious veganism

  • Personal growth + transformation

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what will we talk about?

  • WEEK 1 - Finding your foundation and shifting mindset: You’ll feel a shift and establish a platform to root into that allows you to connect to why you are making this choice to shift over to compassionate filled foods – foods that bring wholeness to your mind, body and spirit. By rooting into your cause, you prevent yourself from wavering when your outside world gets shaky

  • WEEK 2 - Conscious Veganism + Food: Create your own sacred kitchen and explore how you can nourish yourself through the power of plants and learn how to equip your kitchen so you can keep your meals exciting, nutritious, and fun

  • WEEK 3 - Taking Veganism outside: Step out your comfort zone and take conscious veganism from inside your home to outside. Learn how to navigate grocery stores, restaurants, and your entire travel experience from start to finish

  • WEEK 4 - Social Situations: Build the confidence to have those challenging conversations with non-vegan family members, trying debates with the vegan community, and find your own authentic supportive community.

In the end, I will be taking you on a journey, one week at a time, that will help you navigate your daily life, choices, and actions with more mindfulness and confidence. 


self investment

This program is a supportive experience to guide you toward living your compassionate filled life. Through my 8+ years on this journey, I'm sharing everything I've gathered to help me make choices that enhanced my well being. There's no reason you have to do this alone - this program will provide you the container to step into your truest self.

Immersive Access:


First four to sign up  receive the Early Bird Special - $100 off ($497)


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