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Learn how to prepare Compassionate Filled Foods with online vegan cooking classes - meals that you can incorporate into your own sacred kitchen for you and your loved ones. Whether you're new to cooking vegan or have been diving into the kitchen for some time, each class offers an array of new information that can bring added vibrancy to your dishes

Compassionate Filled Foods are filled with ingredients that embody love that extends to our minds, our bodies, other animals, and Mother Earth. Together we will navigate the kitchen breaking down each element of the cooking process - from the ingredients, the tools, to the techniques.

Who is this program for?

who are these classes for?

  • those ready to say yes to their self care in the kitchen

  • looking to gain comfort in their personal sacred kitchen using plant based ingredients

  • those wanting to expand their plant based knowledge and experience

  • those wanting to learn about vegan alternatives

  • those looking to join a fun and informative experience with fellow foodies


Interactive discussion + participation through community spaces

Homework to hold you accountable and to integrate practices/techniques

Safe container with no judgement to journey through compassionate living

Personal growth + transformation


Christina and her cooking workshops have empowered me to get in the kitchen and cook. As Christina likes to say, it’s not about perfection it’s about progress. Thanks to Christina’s heart-to-heart teaching and encouragement, I’ve made great strides in the kitchen and continue to make better choices that align with my values. I highly recommend her cooking classes and encourage you to sign up for the experience as soon as you can - it’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving!

- Annamaria Santamaria

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how does it work?


Register: Choose classes you would like to attend. Explore the different options including single classes, packages, and subscriptions



Purchase Groceries: Receive ingredients list 6 days in advance via email, to prepare for class



Cook together: Receive link day of, sign in, and create delicious vegan food together

As you move through this journey, remember that it's about progress and not perfection. When we step into the direction of becoming our truest selves, we must practice patience, gratitude, and humility. 

what is included?

  • Cooking together “side by side” where you'll learn tips and tricks around prepping your vegan dishes at home - including information on how to bring variation to the dish.

  • A space to connect about compassionate filled foods - foods that feed the body, mind, and soul.

  • Digital Recipe Book to download so you can continue making the dishes at home.

  • 7 day on-demand access to class recording so you can rewatch it later in the week at your own convenience.

  • Personal growth + transformation


what's on the menu?


subscriptions + packages

Choose series or Mix and Match classes








In the end, I will be taking you on a journey, one week at a time, that will help you navigate your daily life, choices, and actions with more mindfulness and confidence. 


self investment

This program is a supportive experience to guide you toward living your compassionate filled life. Through my 8+ years on this journey, I'm sharing everything I've gathered to help me make choices that enhanced my well being. There's no reason you have to do this alone - this program will provide you the container to step into your truest self.


  • Payment plans are available


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