Vinyasa: Moving meditation open to beginners or those with a regular practice. Together we will flow through movement of the body in alignment with the breath. The practice will help bring peace and tranquility while building strength.

Vinyasa Slow Flow: For those looking discover and engage with the subtleties of the body and mind through a slower and reflective pace. It allows the yoga practitioner to familiarize themselves with the body in harmony with a moving meditation. Creates time and space to move through the challenges, strengthen, and go inward. Open to new yogis and those feeling called to slow down.


Meditation: Engage in relaxing meditations that dive into various ancient vedic concentration techniques that purify the mind and change energy frequences subtly internally and externally.  Our time together will explore our outermost layer of the self all the way to our most authentic self. You will walk away with the skills to release tension and stress, clearing stagnant energy to support you on your journey to your higher self. We will spend anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour taking a moment in our lives to re-center with the body, mind, and soul.

Online Private & Corporate Yoga

Online Private Yoga

Single $50-60

Semi Private (2-3 ppl) $40-50

Meditation (30-60 min) - $20-40

Online Corporate Yoga

Starting at $200

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**In person sessions

For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early, so we can address any conditions you may have which includes injuries, medical conditions, sensitivities and what you are looking to receive from your practice. A questionnaire will be filled out beforehand. 

Returning clients, please arrive 5 minutes early so we can begin your session on time.