slow down the mind & body into the soul with


7 Chakra Meditation Series

Every Wednesday I Starting at 7:45pm (30-45min)

Available via ZOOM  I  Karma Yoga Meditation (free)

**Registration thru ZOOM necessary to sign up**

Weekly relaxing meditations that dive into various ancient vedic concentration techniques. Our time together will explore our outermost layer of the self all the way to our most authentic self. You will walk away with the skills to release tension and stress, clearing stagnant energy to support you on your journey to your higher self.

We will spend anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes taking a moment in our lives to re-center with the body, mind, and soul.

Each week for 7 weeks, we will focus on a chakra - an energy points within our bodies that contains our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states. Practicing awareness to open up these chakras allows energy to flow in order for us to stay balanced, fluid, and aligned. Our chakras are constantly in an ebb and flow - so these weekly meditations will allows us to pick on signals of where we may need to focus more on.


Important Note

While there are great benefits to attending all the meditations of this series, it isn't required to receive benefits in general. Just one meditation can create subtle shifts of energy within that energy point of your body.

Meditation Chakra Schedule:
Week 1

April 29th

Muladhara -Root Chakra

(Stability & Security)

Week 2

May 6th

Svadhistana - Sacral Chakra

(Flexibility & Creative Expression)

Week 3

May 13th

Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

(Personal Power)

Week 4

May 20th

Anahata - Heart Chakra

(Love & Connection)

Week 5

May 27th

Vishudda - Throat Chakra

(Speaking our Higher Truth)

Week 6

June 3rd

Ajna - Third Eye Chakra


Week 7

6/8 & 6/10

Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

(Spiritual Connection)