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Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary - Upstate New York

The most nourishing conscious vegan yoga retreat that provides an immersive space for compassionate souls who want reconnect to their heart space and community in a time where we want to come back to ourselves, with open our hearts, and live peacefully and harmoniously.

This is an opportunity from the day to day to reconnect with Mama Earth, Rescued Farm Animals, and like-minded community, immersed in practices that help you root into your compassionate filled foundation. A time and space to visit your heart through sattvic practices that remind you of of your truest nature. You will return home feeling relaxed, re-energized and inspired to continue out practices that allow you to dive deeper into conscious living

Who is this program for?

who is this retreat for?

  • those feeling called to connect to their heart space

  • those struggling to commit to conscious living

  • those feeling called to connect with a compassionate and conscious community

  • those wanting to immerse themselves in Mother Nature and Rescued Farm Animals


Interactive discussion + participation through community spaces

Homework to hold you accountable and to integrate practices/techniques

Safe container with no judgement to journey through compassionate living

Personal growth + transformation


what is included?

  • 90 minute gentle yoga flow

  • 30 minute guided meditation to access the heart space

  • Tour of visited farm sanctuary, to learn about their work and about the animals residing there

  • One-on-one time with the rescued farm animals

  • Kirtan and sharing circle

  • Breakfast snack and a delicious catered vegan lunch

what to expect?

  • A relaxing experience to decompress, relax, and feel rooted and grounded

  • An opportunity to connect with a like-minded conscious community

  • A heart opening experience that will root you into your conscious cause

  • A safe and nourishing container with no judgement as you journey through your heart space

Image by Daniel Vogel

of proceeds from this retreat go back to the farm sanctuary 

so they can continue their life saving work

Image by Marko Blažević

about Safe Haven

Farm Sanctuary

William and Ellen's sanctuary is a forever home for countless formerly abused and neglected farmed animals. They bring them back to health in an environment that offers love and safety. In doing so, they hope to raise awareness about the plight of animals raised for food and the benefits of a vegan diet for the animals, human health, and the environment. They are dedicated to spreading compassion and respect for all living beings to the public.


This retreat is a nourishing experience to discover your truest nature within your heart. Farm sanctuaries have been known to create an environment that deepens compassion, and with the practices of yoga, meditation and kirtan, you will be able to walk away feeling connected, inspired, and in harmony. A full day dedicated to you immersed in love, kindness, and holistic goodness.


Important details:

*To honor the sanctuary's COVID policies, all attendees must be vaccinated and wear a mask while walking the grounds of the sanctuary

**Transportation is available from Metro North Beacon stop to sanctuary. Limited space available. Inquire via email.

**10 person capacity for retreat



Deposit of $50 to ensure your spot is reserved

Payment through Paypal or Venmo @cgdisis


To complete your registration please fill out this form HERE

Questions? Connect with me at

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