Become a Vegan Chef in your own home

Learn how to prepare Compassionate Filled Foods with online vegan cooking classes - meals that you can incorporate into your own sacred kitchen for you and your loved ones. Whether you're new to cooking vegan or have been diving into the kitchen for some time, each class offers an array of new information that can bring added vibrancy to your dishes. 


Compassionate Filled Foods are filled with ingredients that embody love that extends to our minds, our bodies, other animals, and Mother Earth. Together we will navigate the kitchen breaking down each element of the cooking process - from the ingredients, the tools, to the techniques.

Christina and her cooking workshops have empowered me to get in the kitchen and cook. As Christina likes to say, it’s not about perfection it’s about progress. Thanks to Christina’s heart-to-heart teaching and encouragement, I’ve made great strides in the kitchen and continue to make better choices that align with my values. I highly recommend her cooking classes and encourage you to sign up for the experience as soon as you can - it’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving!

Annamaria Santamaria

Community Engagement Manager


Comfort in preparing vegan dishes

Expand your plant based culinary knowledge

Learn about vegan alternatives

Enjoy a fun experience with fellow vegan foodies

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