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Experience conscious vegan lifestyle with immersive retreats, programs, and challenges

Image by Leandra Rieger

GAIA Retreat

Discover the deep wisdom of Greece while embracing modern mindfulness on this soulful journey. Rooted in the heart of this nourishing land, the GAIA Retreat is a unique fusion of Greek heritage, yoga, meditation, and conscious cuisine. Together, we'll immerse ourselves in the natural beauty, traditions, and healing power of conscious living.

AERA: Journey into Autumn's Embrace

A 10-day self-care community experience designed to nourish your body, and connect you with the natural rhythms of earth. It's a transformative journey that celebrates the wisdom of the Earth and the beauty of the autumn season.

veganuary challenge.jpg

30 Day Vegan Challenge

Explore your curiosity for veganism with this full month of daily challenges, resources, and recipes to help kickstart this compassionate and ethical lifestyle.

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